Gavin Haats 

Brand Identity & Motion Graphics

Gavin Haats is an emerging music artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2023, I worked with Gavin to conceptualize and execute a brand identity representing the sound of his music. For his debut original song, ‘like that’, I created static and animated graphics to accompany his music on streaming platforms.

As a designer, my goal was to empower Gavin with a strong, flexible, and timeless visual identity that could support his music for years to come.

Developing the Gavin Haats logo was an iterative process of exploring how his voice translates to a visual design. Since Gavin’s voice is powerful, his logo needed to have stage presence.

During the design process we explored contemporary and experimental logos, and in the end we landed on a custom logotype with cut-outs that move across the letters.

The logotype lends itself to animation because the cut-outs can occur in a variety of positions, meaning that we could create a palette of logos that all feel unified.

Applying the Gavin Haats visual identity included expressions of graphics for social media and streaming platforms. Designing a Spotify canvas for 'like that' brought together the music and the visuals of this brand identity. The animation loops endlessly, designed to play throughout the song.

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